HK Lazer

POSCO and HK joint development project
  • In the same system, laser cutting and oxygen cutting are possible according to the user's choice.
  • High reflective, highly difficult, and processed materials can be cut. The maximum cutting range is 5,000mm x 34,000mm
  • High economical efficiency at a minimum cost. Innovative operating cost reduction
  • Laser cutting 20mm or more. Gas cutting

High-speed machining head

Reduced lens consumption through automatic focus control by motor driving with fiber-only head, beam size control function, and application of Protect Windows

Low Maintenance Cost

High economic efficiency at low cost with a maintenance-free laser concept

Comparison Of Cutting Speed

HK fiber laser optimized for fine/high speed/high reflection processing realizes the highest speed and quality

effective cutting width

5,000mm, Rail width: 6,000mm

effective cutting length

34,000mm (37kg/m), Rail length: 36,000mm

oxygen cutting torch

2 Motorized Gas Torch, 2Set


300mm X 300mm, H-Beam same height mortar work

driving room

Mes terminal / Air conditioner / Chair, sash production


Siemens Controller & Servo

work table

Consider Max 200mm load


Rack & Pinion, Double axis X1, X2 drive servo motor

Y axis

Rack & Pinion, Up and down motor drive

Z axis

Rack & Pinion, Ball Screw Type



Maximum cutting thickness

Gas 200mm, Laser 20mm

maximum cutting speed

Gas 350mm/min, Laser 1,500mm/min

cutter running speed


cutting error

Gas ±1mm, Laser ±0.5mm


Possible, switchable