Welding machine

HK Lazer

Reasonable solution for laser welding:
Scout Scan Welding System Overcomes the limitations of conventional laser welding through convenient welding through vision system

Diagram of Inline Scan Vision

  • The camera tracks the laser path
  • Laser and camera travel the same path
  • Precise positioning possible through algorithm software
  • Laser positioning can be calibrated to micron-level accuracy

System Principle

  1. Image capture via camera
  2. Object pattern
  3. Object welding

Auto sort function

  1. object pattern
  2. Inspection system
  3. Out of position
  4. Automatic position correction

Quality inspection function

  1. Image capture before/after welding
  2. Compare image extraction
  3. Weld quality inspection with extracted images


  1. Able to cut circuits in flat metal plate displays
  2. Butt weldable
  3. Micro welding / high precision spot welding possible
  4. Round/oval/long hole welding possible
  5. Wobble welding possible



How to connect laser


maximum laser power

Scout-100 300W (@1064nm), Scout-200 2.0W (@1064nm), Scout-300 5W (@1064nm)

aperture size

Scout-100 10mm, Scout-200 20mm, Scout-300 30mm

welding speed

Scout-100 2.5 m/s, Scout-200 1.0m/s, Scout-300 0.7 m/s

F-theta lens

Scout-100 F-100/F-160/F-254, Scout-200 F-160/F-254/F-420, Scout-300 No f-theta (Z-axis control) – Dynamic Focusing

diffusion distance

Scout-100 30mm/60mm, Scout-200 100mm/120mm, Scout-300 160mm

Z-axis offset

Scout-100 N/A, Scout-200 N/A, Scout-300 +/-30mm (defocus)


Scout-100 Up to 110 x 110mm, Scout-200 Up to 180 x 180mm, Scout-300 Up to 240 x 240mm

scan resolution

Scout-100 6um (@F-100), Scout-200 70um (@F-100), Scout-300 100um

visual resolution

Scout-100 6um, Scout-200 20um, Scout-300 100um

visual image

Scout-100 Black/White, Scout-200 Black/White, Scout-300 Color

number of CDDs

Scout-100, Scout-200 One, Scout-300 One 4

input power

100~230VAC. 50/60Hz

cooling method

Scout-100 air cooling, Scout-200 Water/Air cooling, Scout-300 Water/Air cooling


Scout-200 Water : 6L/Min Air : 25L/Min, Scout-300 Water : 6L/Min Air : 25L/Min


Scout-100, Scout-200 XY2-100, Scout-300 XY2-100 XY2-100

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