• Application of Roller type guide for all axis
  • Y-axis type for various applications Composite CNC Turning Center

High rigidity integrated bed
structure with 30° inclination

The inclined bed, which combines UGINT’s unique square and tube-type rib structures, enables high-precision, powerful cutting with high rigidity and excellent vibration-absorbing ability during machining.

Main Spindle

With a design structure that minimizes thermal displacement and a wide constant power range, it enables uniform, high-precision cutting in high-speed continuous operation. In addition, rigidity is supplemented by expanding the spindle diameter and increasing the thickness of the spindle. In particular, the design structure adopting high-precision angular ball bearings leads to a reduction in noise and innovatively stabilizes the machining accuracy.

BMT Turret

The BMT milling turret, which can complete complex parts requiring many tools in one setup, is adopted, and the cycle time is shortened by improving reliability by servo operation.

Danh mục:

X axis travel

210 mm

Y axis travel

560 mm

Z axis travel

105 mm

X axis rapid traverse

36 m/min

Y axis rapid traverse

36 m/min

Z axis rapid traverse

10 m/min

Max. spindle speed

4,500 rpm

Max. spindle torque

17.32 kg-m

Max. turning diameter

360 mm

Max. turning length

480 mm

Max. bar capacity

65 mm


2,910 mm


2,025 mm


1,790 mm


4,050 kg