Hydraulic bending machine

HK Lazer

Compact type bending machine
  • Precise descent error compensation possible by using SwayBend cylinder.
  • Increased return speed by S-booster (200 mm/s)
  • Reduced strain by 60% by applying H-box high-strength frame

Controls / Delem

  • 8-axis automatic, precise control
  • 2D and 3D Graphic View
  • 17″ Color Touch Screen
  • Auto Tooling Selection
  • 2 Ports USB Interface
  • 2D DXF Import
  • Korean language support / Stand-by function (Improvement of energy efficiency)

Clampings / Promecam or WILA

  • Top and Bottom Quick Clamping, Promecam System
  • Top and Bottom WILA Clamping, WILA TIPS (Option)
  • LED Tool Locator (Option)
  • Angle Measures, LASER Check (Option)
  • WILA Crowing and Crowing Table, minimizes bending of bent materials

H-box Frame

  • H-shaped high-strength frame to ensure precision
  • H-shaped monoblock located close to the cylinder
  • deformation prevention

Back Gauge System  / X, R, Z axis

  • Precise, fast position control (Serve Motor)
  • Stroke : 750(1,120)mm
  • Speed ​​: 500mm/s
  • Repositioning: 0.02mm
  • R-axis: 200mm
  • System : Ball Screw Type
  • SPA : Rear Supports (Option)
  • BGR / BGT (Option)

Sway Bend and Triple Guide

  • Reduced loading stress of cylinder shaft
  • Reducing the Y-axis level inclination with Rotary Join
  • Increase the directionality of the ram with guide sensors on both sides of the center

S-booster /Bending, improving return speed

  • Ram’s downward and upward speed increase booster
  • Up to 70% improvement in bending speed (PRCN30160)
  • Up to 35% improvement in return speed (PRCN30160)

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