BF SERIES Filter Dust Collector

Myung Jin


  • Mineral factory
  • Wood Factory
  • Cement Factory
  • Chemical plant
  • Pharmaceutical Factory
  • Pharmaceutical Factory
  • Dye work
  • Paint work
  • Plastics industry
  • Food industry
  • Feed factory
  • Grain factory
  • Dust generating workshop
  • Flour Mill
  • Fertilizer Factory
  • Businesses that emit other particulate matter


Our BAG FILTER is the most used for dust treatment and adopts the air pulse jet or mechanical method, and is designed to be suitable for large-scale business sites. It has high dust collection efficiency and minimizes the failure rate by reducing the weight and simplification of the structure.

  • It has high dust collection efficiency for particles and collects various types of dust.
  • Can be used for high-concentration vacuum-containing air and can handle various capacities.
  • Fiber or pre-treated granular follicles can be used for high-efficiency collection of dust and gaseous pollutants less than 1㎛.
  • Humid substances, moisture concentration, and adsorption components require follicle crusty caking or plugging or special facilities.
  • The filter bag’s lifespan is long because there is little local abrasion of the filter bag by the dust.
  • Since the rate of rise of the pressure loss is gentle, it is possible to operate at a high concentration of dust.
  • With a continuous dust removal method, the pressure loss is constant and stable continuous operation is possible.

What is a filter dust filter? (PRINCIPLE of BAG FILTER)

A bag filter is the most widely used device for separating dust particles from exhaust gas. no see. At this time, in the initial stage of filtration, the filtration of the filter media alone proceeds, but as time passes, a dust layer is formed and the dust layer accumulated in the filter acts as a support, resulting in filtration by the dust layer. In addition, this fine dust is more efficiently collected by the dust layer and has high dust collection efficiency, so stable continuous operation is possible, and a large amount of air volume can be handled by adjusting the filtration speed. The bag filter has an efficiency of 99% or more at 0.5㎛ or more, and has a significant removal efficiency even at 0.01㎛.
When selecting a filter cloth, the material should be selected in consideration of the characteristics and temperature of the dust-containing gas.


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