CM SERIES Centrifugal Dust Collector

Myung Jin


  • Boiler dust
  • Cement production plant
  • Stone Smelting Plant
  • Wood Factory
  • Flour Mill
  • Incinerator rear end equipment
  • Pretreatment


  • It is possible to process high-temperature gas and the pressure loss is small.
  • Dry collection and dust removal are possible, and operation and manufacturing costs are low.
  • Simple maintenance operation.
  • The dust collection efficiency is low. (in case of 10㎛ or less)
  • Wet dust, difficult to handle.
  • Sensitive to changes in the amount of dust and flow.


  1. Tangetial Entry Type It is a tangential inflow of cyclone dust-containing gas into the outer cylinder.
    Normally, the velocity of the inflow gas is 7-15 m/sec. In this range, the effect of the gas velocity on the filling rate is relatively small, and the inner cylinder diameter is the main factor governing the performance. When the inlet gas velocity is about 12m/sec, the pressure loss is around 100mmH₂O in the direct type, and the pressure loss is about 20% less than this in the spiral wound type.
  2. Axial flow (Multi) Cyclone is used when the amount of gas to be processed is large and high dust collection efficiency is required.
    A number of small-diameter unit cyclones are connected in parallel, and the processing gas inlet is parallel to the axis of the centrifugal force dust collector. Then, it reverses at the bottom and is discharged to the outlet. Compared to the cyclone, it can process about 3 times the gas, and it is easy to evenly distribute the impregnated gas to the unit cyclone. The velocity of the inlet gas is around 12m/sec, and the pressure loss is about 70~80mmH₂O.

What is a centrifugal dust collector? (PRINCIPLE)

It is a device that gives a rotational motion to the particles with thick and specific gravity, separates the particles from the gas by the centrifugal force acting on the particles, and collects the dust by sedimentation. Cyclone is used alone for dust with large particles to show reliable performance, and for dust removal of fine particles, Cyclone is used as a pre-treatment device for high-efficiency dust collectors. Pressure loss is a major factor in performance, and dimensional ratio, inlet conditions, and processing speed act as variables. The design must depend on conditions such as the state of the dust particles, the amount of exhaust, the inflow speed, and the selection of the blower, which greatly affects the performance.


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