HC SERIES Adsorption Tower Dust Collector

Myung Jin


  • Chemical plant (paint manufacturing plant, etc.)
  • Feed manufacturing plant
  • Odor generating workplaces (excreta treatment plant, wastewater treatment plant, etc.)
  • VOCs generating workplaces (organic solvents, etc.)
  • Food manufacturing plant


A/C TOWER can remove odors and harmful gases at the same time, has no wastewater generation and low operating and maintenance costs. It is mainly applied to food manufacturing plants, painting facilities, paint booths, and odor generating plants.

What is an adsorption tower? (PRINCIPLE)

The activated carbon tower is a device that absorbs and removes various organic gases and odors by physical and chemical methods. It is an adsorption facility.
This facility uses the principle that gas powder contacts and adheres to the surface of solid. Using this adsorption phenomenon, a certain adsorbent is used even when the concentration of gas, liquid or solid is extremely low. Since it can be selectively removed, it is widely used in industrial fields and environmental protection facilities.


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