SB SERIES Scrubber Dust Collector

Myung Jin


  • Plants that generate harmful gases, such as chemical plants
  • Fume generating plants such as plating plants
  • Workplaces that emit fine particulate matter
  • VOCs generating business
  • Wastewater treatment plant, excreta treatment plant odor generating plant
  • Removal of fine particulate suspended matter, etc.


WET SCRUBBER is widely used in the treatment of exhaust gas, and it is possible to treat not only dust in gas but also high concentration of harmful gas.

  • Low pressure loss and low maintenance cost.
  • It is designed to simultaneously remove various air pollutants including DUST and MIST.
  • Long service life due to the use of corrosion-resistant materials. (when using FRP)
  • It exhibits stable absorption efficiency against fluctuations in gas flow rate.
  • The effective contact area is wide.
  • Less occurrence of FLOODING.
  • The space ratio is wide.

Performance Effects (EFFECTS & FUNCTIONS)

The filling material should be determined according to the material, shape, and size. For effective treatment, the effective contact area should be large, and the space factor should be large to increase the linear speed by suppressing the pressure loss and flooding in the tower. In addition, the material should not be physically or chemically deformed, dissolved, or decomposed.

What is Scrabah? (PRINCIPLE)

Scrubber is a series of processes for dissolving soluble components in a gas in a liquid phase by contacting a gas with a liquid, that is, a device for the purpose of ‘gas absorption’. It is commonly referred to as the “Gas Absorption Tower”. In addition to gas absorption, Scrubber is used for various purposes such as distillation, humidification, and removal of dust and mist.


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